Eve Was Framed
Effect of religion and superstition on the psyche and empowerment of women.
Evanescing Lands, Whisking Water
Scenes from the sinking island of Mousuni
A Day of Mass, Rush and Prayers
Chaos culminates into peace on the last day of Biswa Ijtema congregation in Dhaka.
Holi of Hope
Widows in Vrindavan play Holi to shun the age old ritual which ostracized them from society.
Lord Aravan's Brides
Transgenders marries mythical Lord Aravan for a day and become a widow the day next.
Holy Men of Allahabad
Photos of Naga Sadhus at Kumbha Mela in Allahabad
Gajan and Charak Festival
Visuals of various age old and unique rituals and events
Sudden Inundation
A street in central Kolkata city gets flooded each year, throwing life out of gear
The Beach
Visuals of poverty stricken fishermen's beach located right beside a tourist beach
The Last of the Raamnaami Tattoos
Men with the Golden Job
Jewellers themselves work in poor environment to make precious ornaments for the rich
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