The landscape of Jadugoda, dotted with with hillocks, farmlands, and villages looks beautiful to the naked eye. But there is a dark energy that has invaded the area long back. It travels in waves, penetrating whatever comes in its way, affecting them with irreversible damage. The damage is manifesting its brutal face in the form of people suffering from facial tumours, muscular dystrophy, deformed skeletons, lung cancer, curved spines and so on.
In the absence of any remedial measures, the radiation monster keeps on destroying local environment and the health of the village population. To the villagers the deformity appearing through generations in their children is a mystery disease and they seek help from witch doctors. But one who is aware, knows that it is the Gamma radiation thrown off by elements in tailing ponds, which is responsible for this health hazard to people in the vicinity including genetic mutations that can be passed on to offspring.
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