The islands of Sunderban face a grave future - in the wake of global warming. The world is witnessing the rise in sea level and Sunderban islands lies vulnerable to it.  One such island is Mousuni located near Namkhana. It is the second western-most island of Sunderban area (Ganga Sagar island being the last one to the west).
Story of Mousuni is not a happy one. The immediate effect of sea level rise are the tidal floods and the southern parts of Mousuni island are being ravaged by tidal floods - the magnitude of which are increasing with time.  Homes have disappeared, lands are getting overwhelmed by the encroaching mass of water at a steady rate and people are staring at a bleak future where the probability of them becoming climate refugees looms large. 
The villagers do not know what climate change is, they have not heard of the term “sea level rise”, but their stories are the very proof to it. They have lost the homes which safeguarded all their precious memories, they lost their lands where they used play, farm or spent times with their dear ones. As the grounds disappeared under rushing water, the lives of these people got uprooted from what the place they called their home.
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