I am a photographer keen on doing documentary works on social issues, environment, people and culture. Two of my great passions in life is travel and photography. Travel broadens one's view of the world and Photography is my continuous lesson of living in the moment. I love to experience other cultures, meet different people from diverse communities. On the other hand I wish to use photography as a visual medium to address problems and do something that can give back to the society. 
Living in the moment and capturing it, is my way of sharing with the world how I see things; whether it be humorous, serious, playful, profound or just plain creative. Photography helps me to express my personality and how I view this world we all live in without having to say a word.Encountering the natural world both with my eyes and through the lens is an excellent reminder that I share this earth, this environment with all other living beings and also share responsibility for it well being.
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